Taylor says the identification of the species at risk is a start, but there needs to be action to truly solve the problem of habitat degradation and exploitation. Were really just nibbling at the edges, were actually just documenting the problem and we need to put a lot more resources to actually change the situation, he says. Species on the list are monitored for any changes in their population and the government develops strategies to aid them. If their numbers drop, the species will move to a higher level of risk, which will prompt stronger measures for protection. The nine additions include: the Western Arctic Dolly Varden (fish), the Pacific and Milk River mountain sucker (fish), the Westslope Rocky Mountain sculpin (fish), the redside dace (fish), Lac des Loups Marins harbour seal (marine mammal), the Cumberland Sound beluga whale (marine mammal), the loggerhead sea turtle (reptile) and the Atlantic mud-piddock (mollusc). The St. Lawrence Estuary population beluga whale was also reclassified from threatened to endangered. All nine were assessed and then recommended by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, an independent body that passes recommendations for species protection to the federal government through the Environment Minister. Were pretty excited and happy that weve been able to take this step, says Julie Stewart, director of the Species at Risk Program, a government-run program that assesses the species. And this is a positive step in that direction. Dr. Taylor says the growing list should be concerning to everyone. These nine cant be looked at in isolation, he said, adding theres now hundreds of species assessed at some level of risk in Canada.

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