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Reflections of Canada Offers New Take on 150th Celebrations

I think we’ve moved quite far away from the notion of our country as a bi-state founded country, basically a Franco-Anglo European country. I think we’re much more multicultural and I think we’re much more confident and comfortable in our multiculturalism, notwithstanding some persistent and pernicious racism and discrimination. I don’t think we’re past that, but we’ve at least moved closer toward the post-colonial era, and closer toward embracing our true multiculturalism and our true relationship, as we move forward, with aboriginals across the land I think Canada is also much more confident as an independent actor on the world stage, separate from its founding colonial states. I wasn’t around in ‘67, I was born in the early ‘70s, but my understanding is that the Pearson era was a real turning point for Canada’s role in the world as a diplomatic nation, as a peacekeeping nation, and all those things have now seeped into our national mythology. We have a much more mature and much more nuanced relationship on the world stage. Similarly I think we’ve also developed much more robust cultural institutions in Canada. We have moved a little more confidently away from the United States and established a Canadian cultural scene; a Canadian cultural identity, which is different and distinct from that of our founding nations. I’m looking through the essays and seeing that question reflected. We now face tremendous ecological and environmental challenges that were nowhere on the radar in the ‘60s. We still had this false illusion of our land as being this untamable, vast, inexhaustible wilderness and we know now, rather tragically, that is not the case. The Arctic in the 1960s was the stuff of lore, the far extreme that might as well have been, for most people, something out of a J.R.R.

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Climbing Chalk Canada

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